Whether it be Fall, Spring or Summer, Interns have always added a dynamic rush of our business make-up. That being said, this isn't the Devil Wears Prada; an intern won't be making copies or running for coffee. Real-world hard-skills are expected to be developed from front facing client to consumer events while adding value to the teams in place. For those selected, a level of professionalism and cohesion is expected with creativity and tempo encouraged. 


'People' is the business and leadership has more to do with caring and educating others while driving competitive and ambitious standards. Educating to motivate is our philosophy and backed with proven techniques and systems that are trusted and enforced world wide is why our plate is always full. Leadership is a constant action and a developed perspective. No one likes to be micromanaged, here at PEGASUS we look to drive leaders to be creatively and passionately independent once educated to learn and take on more responsibilities. 


With Clients demands at an all-time high, market growth, improvement and expansion is the next step. Down-sized expenses and increased revenue shares have created an avenue of opportunity for rapid growth. Expertise, quality and resourcefulness is a staple of our tested management core and a standard to provide more back than what was given. 


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